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Check out our website- it has all of our evp's and pictures from previous ghost hunts.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Here is a pic that Heidi had sent me- She had heard our broadcast about our Downtown St. Pete Ghost hunt- this picture is really creepy! She took this pic at the Indigo Hotel in St. Petersburg- Thank you Heidi for sharing!!!!
The Karen Gregory Story: When Paranormal and myself went on the Gulfport, Florida ghost tour- we were very interested about the story of a woman who was murdered in the early 1980's. Her name was Karen Gregory and it wasn't until the end of the ghost hunt that we heard about her and her ghost. We didn't get the chance to go into the house where she was murdered because there is a woman who does live there and she is very aware of Karen. I will talk about this woman's experience as well. Now, towards the end of the ghost tour, we were told about Karen and the fateful night of her death. She was moving into her fiance's home in Gulfport. He was out of town for a conference. She had gone to dinner with a friend that night and after this dinner, she decided to move more of her belongings into her new home. She came home at midnight and it was one of those dreary, rainy nights. She was getting ready for bed when someone broke into her home and attacked this poor woman. She was raped and murdered and was left in the house for two days. Many neighbors had heard a horrible scream that night, but didn't call the police because they didn't think anything of it or they just thought it was an animal. Karen's body had been there for two days. Her fiance had called her and was worried since she never answered the phone. She was also not at work which made her friends become suspicious. Her fiance became frantic and had called the police to investigate. The police went to the house and found Karen lying in her own pool of dried blood. She was stabbed and there were bloody prints all over her body, but since they found her body laying there for two days, most of the evidence was unusable. The only evidence they had was that of a bloody footprint in the bathroom. An investigation was started but they didn't get a suspect until after a year. They charged George Lewis, a fireman, with the crime who happened to have been Karen's neighbor. George acted like a witness to the crime and told police he had heard screams as well during that fateful night. They were able to convict him because his foot matched the bloody footprint from the bathroom. But since this is a ghost story, there has been many things that have happened in the home of Karen Gregory. In 1994, a woman by the name of Stephanie Berlotti had moved in. Nobody had lived in that house for ten years after Karen's death. Her fiance had moved out after the murder and the place was vacant until Stephanie moved in. She was new to the area, but was aware that a murder had taken place in the home she was moving into. She wasn't prepared for what would happen when she moved into the house. First, Stephanie had noticed that everytime she walked from the bathroom to the bedroom, she had to walk over a dark brown stain. This stain is where Karen died and whose body was there for forty-eight hours. Stephanie had tried to wash that stain out, but everytime she did, it would fade away and then the stain would reappear days later. She now has a rug over the spot. Also, everytime Stephanie would open the bedroom window-the same window in which the murderer entered and exited- the glass would shatter. Her animals would also stare at a certain spot in the bedroom. And if that is not scary enough, there was one time when Stephanie saw a misty image of a woman's face behind her in the bathroom mirror. And when her mother came to visit, she heard footsteps running through the empty house as if a woman was running away from an attacker. Stephanie has made peace with having Karen there and believes that her soul will not rest until George admits to the crime or when he dies. Stephanie believes that Karen does not want anyone to forget the horrible way she died. Many people have requested to meet with Stephanie to investigate and she is open to people coming in the home and to see for themselves. We were tempted to do this, but felt that since this poor woman had died a misreable death, it would be out of character for us to go into her home to see her ghost. Sometimes the dead need respect and when there is residual energy of something terrible that happened to them, it is important to respect that and know that this is someone's home and they don't need ghost hunters barging in a trying to communicate with them. Sometimes it is better to let it be.
Listen to our broadcast about the Gulfport ghost hunt- we featured some live evps and got alot of feedback after the show- Have a listen--
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Friday, June 22, 2012

Listen to our Broadcast on Blogtalkradio: This broadcast was from our ghost hunt in St. Petersburg, Florida- Listen to Live EVP's and check out our pics on our episode page.
Listen to internet radio with Encounters From The Afterlife on Blog Talk Radio

Monday, June 18, 2012

We now have a internet radio show called--ENCOUNTERS FROM THE AFTERLIFE--on We did our first show this past Friday night (June 15)- Episode One- which was about paranormal experiences tha we had have when we were growing up- we even had our first caller, Samuel, who asked some very interesting questions--Our next Episode is this Friday night ( June 22) at 8:30- we will be talking about our very first ghost hunt which was in downtown St. Petersburg, Florida. We will have live audio evp clips to share with our audience- you can also check out our videos on or just click on some of the links in the below posts. Check out our radio station and call us with your paranormal questions or comments!!!!! Click on our radio station at

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Ghost Tours of Tampa Bay

We have to give a big thanks to Ghost Tours of Tampa Bay!!!! It was through them that we had the opportunity to get some really incredible evidence! Ghost Tours of Tampa have ghost hunts all year round. They have a tour guide who tells you the history of the ghosts and the different places. We have managed to do ghost hunts in Downtown Tampa, Downtown St. Petersburg, and Gulfport. Our pictures and evidence were from these hunts and you can take a look at them on our website:

If you are ever in the Tampa Bay area and would like to go on our ghost hunt, you can go this site: The staff is friendly and so are the ghosts! Well, some of the ghosts...

Happy Haunting!!!

Loretta and Todd